Hi, my name is Despina. As a curious and open person I have lived in quite a few countries before I land in Rotterdam and call it home. I would describe myself as relaxed, creative and observant.

With a background in Fine Art Studies I approach everything in life as a creative process. I have studied the human anatomy on the basis of model drawing and it has never bored me until this very day. I have always had interest in every culture and their holistic approaches to health and wellbeing. After reading a lot about it and taking a Chinese massage course, I got convinced that this suits me and started my learning journey. Massaging comes naturally to me and I find joy in being able to create a moment for people to take a break from our fast-running society, deeply relax and connect with themselves.


During my massage session I aim to create a safe and comfortable space where you can unwind and reconnect with your body and emotions. I achieve that by using a combination of techniques according to the specific needs of your body: Soft and relaxing strokes, deep tissue, stretches and acupressure points. And since the body is not separate from the mind, I also use intuition, empathy and active listening as parts of my practice.

My aim is to let you walk out feeling unblocked, balanced and more aware of your body.