A healthy lifestyle and a holistic approach to health including issues such as anatomy, physiology, psychology, nutrition, preventive medicine and social functioning have always been my passion. In 2014, I received a master’s degree in Public Health.

Since childhood, I willingly undertook various forms of physical activity. Mountain hiking, cycling, swimming and fitness. However, yoga fascinated me the most. Over the past four years I have been actively developing in this direction through my own practice and organized courses. I am practicing ashtanga yoga. And I see how it applies to constant raising of body awareness.

I took up massage in 2016. It is for me an endless discovery and assimilation of new knowledge and various techniques and combining them into a coherent whole. I am pleased to learn the secrets of classic and sports massage, reflexology and trigger point therapy. Recently, I have also become interested in Thai massage, also called passive yoga.


In my opinion, massage is an extremely creative activity. Each massage is different because each body is different and has different needs. The biggest gratification for my work is for me the customer’s smile.